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In this article I will share my thoughts about how I changed and brought peace to my life and what helps me calming my monkey mind. It might be the process of growing but this Mel was always there, just less aware of many things. Life seems to get faster and there are lots of distractions in our daily life, may it come from traffic, stress, work, misunderstandings or even negative news in the media. That’s why I feel everybody should try to get more peace in his life.

I am my own enemy
Often we are our own enemies. Maybe you know this feeling: suddenly weird things happen like dropping a glass, hitting your knee or head at things, cutting your finger, falling with the motorbike, getting the wrong food you ordered, the painter uses the wrong color, your friend seems to be rude, actually everybody seem to be grumpy and you think: what’s wrong with all of them?

What has suddenly changed? I believe it is important to slow down and take a look at yourself. Often everything around us is a mirror of our self. Today I know, I created all these situations with my mindless and unstoppable behavior. I wanted everything to be fast and expected people to understand that and to do things the way I want them to be.



Today I feel more centered and I’m even more dedicated to my work and more creative. My mornings are more peaceful. I am still early at Avocado Café to work on my computer but before I leave the house I have laughed already and did a little meditation session, which doesn’t cost me more than 10 min. I invite you to make a sign on the side of your bed table or at your as a reminder to smile and even laugh loud into your own face. Tell yourself that you will have an amazing day. I did this a long long time ago with amazing effects and then I forgot about it again but have now found back to it.



Mediation can be so easy and you can be your own Guru and decide how long and when you do it. Just give it a try, find a comfortable position and listen to your breath count: inhaling 1 to 10, exhaling 10 to 1 with closed eyes and right hand on your heart. Feel the warmth. Start with 5min each day and extend these minutes as much as you want to. Like with our trainings and eating, routine is everything and gurantees the progress.

The relaxation in the morning before everything starts can change your whole day – even your whole your life!



How important this balancing of mind and body is, you can tell how my body looks like. Mondays I’m usually more shredded. I can see some girls watching my stomach and maybe thinking what she has done this weekend? She is just drinking water and working out 10 hours/day ?!?…

Actually it’s the opposite. Of course, I work-out Monday to Saturday with intense sessions, and love it! But I also take a good rest on Sunday. I love to do just a light swim, surf or walk at the beach with my dog. I eat healthily but I am having my Sunday treat too.


Relaxed Mind

I relax completely on Sundays. Phone off and no computer for sure! I let my mind and body go, my hormones are balancing and all my hard work-out from the week pays off.

I get stronger in my mind and get ready for the upcoming week to create beautiful menus and classes and the more often I meditate I have so much more love to give.

After writing this article, there is one woman and I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH . You are deep in my heart and always will be.




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