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My Personal Cravings

First of all, I’m craving for more time. More time for work, training and family. I wish the day would have 30 hours. 🙂 When it comes to food though I generally don’t have a lot of cravings and if so, I am just a two minutes bike ride away from Avocado Cafe.

Cece our Barista at Avocado Cafe gives me a craving for coffee, every morning. Yes true, she does the best cappuccino and we have the best coffee in town, no doubt about that ;-).

I want to mention this here because I get so many compliments for our coffee. With my coffee, I have no sugar because I eat no sugar at all. Sugar is addictive and I feel this very strongly when I have just had some, like a cookie, juice or a simple fruit salad. If I don’t combine a fruit salad with yogurt or a boiled egg I feel so hungry after 1hour and then at lunch, I crave for more sugar like chicken cashew with rice followed by an apple pie. Sugar = carbohydrates but not all carbohydrates are bad for us. There are 4 different kinds of sugar/carbohydrates but I will simply cut it in 2 categories: simple and complex carbohydrates. Check this link and find a great list of simple and complex carbohydrates. For a while now I’m mainly eating complex carbohydrates and drinking almost no alcohol, so my food cravings are very limited.

Cravings for real sugar like cookies, fruits, bread or pasta

I have this just before and during menstruation and since I am aware of it I might have a nice fruit salad with yogurt, energy ball with a boiled egg, an egg-white omelet with a banana bread or an avocado bread with poached eggs. To not increase the blood sugar too high it is best to combine carbohydrates with a protein source. In these times it is also good to let it go a little and to have some comfort food as your body needs it. Your body will thank you. Also I advise my personal training clients to break their diet once per month for sure.

Personally, I love eggs – especially egg white omelets. It fills you perfectly and it’s so yummy. You can fill it with spinach, salmon, seeds but I love the plain ones too. I get so much energy and I have my egg white omelets as a snack every day 9.30am and a second one in the afternoon. Afterwards, I still work about 2-3 hours, then I do fitness training from about 6 -7 pm. So I almost have no cravings at all, just hunger for fresh plain food which means mountains of vegetables, mostly combined with fat fish/cottage cheese /yogurt/chicken/beef/shrimps/yogurt/chickpeas/beans.

But hey, of course if I want a piece of cake I just have on, but this rarely happens and I am amazed that I just don’t have the cravings for this anymore.

On Sundays I sometimes go to La Mexicana and I share fajitas with my husband. I can recommend those sizzling fajitas, and I eat everything but the corn cracker. I haven’t had fried food for years . You think poor Mel and I say I really just don’t care about it. I feel and look better. My skin is so much nicer since I illuminated sugar and deep fried food from my plate. Of course, we need a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. We need them for thinking, moving and they are great colon cleansers and are essential for keeping the digestive process running clean and healthy!

If you eat less simple carbohydrates and processed food you will reduce your cravings, treat your body well and at the same time you do a lot for our environment because the majority this food doesn’t need any packaging.

If you want to get leaner and less bloated, feeling light but energised, the most easy rule to follow is to cut all white, simple, starchy carbohydrates off your plate and go for the light brown, natural and colourful, complex carbohydrates … and don’t fry any of them ever!

You will have fewer cravings for food which means that your mind is free of thoughts about your next intake . You get a natural feeling for eating regular in a 2,5 – 4-hour rhythm. This stimulates your metabolism and keeps your blood sugar in balance which is the most important thing  to keep your cravings low.

See you in the gym 😉










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