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My experience of transforming bodies and changing lifestyles over the last 15 years.

By Melanie Bomba


First of all, it is obvious that we are all different humans and special in our own unique way. We have own individual thoughts, feelings, opinions, ideas, movements, physical conditions and body shapes.

Within the early stages of my career teaching both women and men, this invaluable knowledge I gained about human differences taught me that our impression of physical fitness is different among us all. Not everyone’s body’s respond in the same way, nor do people appreciate fitness like others. 

I learnt that enjoying the actual physical training is essential for best results and staying on track for long term results and gains. 

I began to include into my personal training sessions with my clients, the focus on a positive mind set. I found this was essential as part of the success of transformations.  Not just external training, but the importance of what was happening internally. And this can be the most difficult, as everyone’s mindset is different and how we respond to situations is different.

Through this I was able to have most of my clients  fall in love with their workouts and finally they were seeing and feeling the physical results and benefits.

I saw lots of changes in their whole lifestyle overall, outside the gym, making healthier life choices and keeping a more stable routine. In addition to this, big milestones and changes were implemented into their lives. Some even reassessed their careers, changing their roles or employment, others reassessed home life and their relationships and overall majority turned into a stronger fitter enthusiastic person.

So…my approach to coaching..

Knowing we are individuals. I would change  their methods every 4-6 weeks. This is vital, to ensure we are giving the body new challenges, shifting cycles, and a whole new energy kick. 

This counts for Nutrition programs too. 

Our physical body loves routines but ‘new-news’ too. 

As the body gets comfortable…disrupting the routine, then introducing new foods, or patterns will ensure the benefits are visible and noticeable in many ways. 

Results makes motivation and commitment easier too. 

After a while the routine is getting stale and let’s be honest a little boring, our minds, body and brain all tend to align lowering motivations.  The results getting less and beneficial impulses are low. 

After initial results, it becomes more difficult to see physical results, as the body naturally plateaus… As we notice this motivation slows down too. Too often we give up.       

I recommend changing Fitness/Sport regimes and Nutrition constantly every 4-6 weeks and it has shown me the best results and I live and train for years with this approach. 

Sharing my age with you all, I’m the ripe age of 44.

And I can tell my body keeps changing all the time, but with this disruption to routine, it’s for the positive. 

My skin is in great condition and I rarely get sick too.  This is due to my lifestyle.

I highly recommend changing exercise methods and sport programs, doing something completely, or out of your bodies norm. For example, a cross-fitter, attending a yoga class  can be a breakthrough of mass proportion. 

Being on a high protein diet and changing into an alkaline program will make your system super happy as detoxifying, shows your system you take care of it and shows the love and inevitably will support fat burn and has plenty of health benefits. 

REMEMBER: Less toxins in the body = less storing of fat and inflammations. 

The results are always amazing and visible if we apply a smart but delicious nutrition program.  Food is fuel, the healthier your insides, the better you will feel.

I am a strong believer in the holistic approach of constant Fitness/Sport, clean and nutrition rich foods, meditation, positive mindset and regular spa routines such as scrubbing and oiling the body etc.

All of this is possible for all of us.

There is no question that we all function better in any of our professions if we take care of us! 

With the power of the internet we can find motivations and health  programs readily available. We can also find a plethora of recipes, audio meditations and home spa ideas etc. AND you find people like me who has the desire to make everybody happy in their skin and to love yourself.

Try one of my programs today…


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