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My story of Beatrice and I goes way back and it’s one filled with gratitude. Rewind to 2011 when Motion’s fitness studio was located on the quiet, lush green, shady road of Sri Rama along side the river. I was just getting started as a group fitness/personal trainer with our beloved Motion. I remember how thrilling and daunting it was to have the freedom Mel gave me to develop my own style of fitness classes outside the set routine of the Les Mills Body Pump program I had been teaching prior. Amen, Bomba! Beatrice, I can honestly say, was supernaturally instrumental in my journey to becoming the trainer I am today. Why? Because no matter how full or empty my group classes were back in those days (and trust me, many times it was just she and I in the studio) 😃 she always showed up with her brilliant smile and fabulous soft mannered energy. Beatrice, here’s huge THANK YOU for all the support you’ve given to me and Mel through the years and I want to say from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU to ALL our Motion clients for being on this remarkably unique fitness ‘sweat-life’ journey! As they say… “There’s no me without YOU”. SEE YOU IN CLASS ! Much love.

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