Meet our member Helen Rhodes

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Why Helen loves Motion fitness…

Helen is originally from England but moved to Bali 3 years ago, Helen have always had a relatively active lifestyle but it wasn’t until she moved to Bali that she really started to get into fitness and make it a daily activity. Her background is in psychology and therefore she also understands the importance to maintain a healthy body and mind, where the mind and body are not separated and we need to work on both to get in balance and be healthy.


Helen started training at Motion fitness 2 years ago and  have reached her goals to get more toned, healthy  and  increased overall body strength. Her goal is to do at least 6 classes or more per week,  her favourite class in Motion to increase strength is The Brazil Boom and for posture and flexibility is Dynamic Pilates.


What made Helen to stay in Motion? She love the atmosphere at Motion, the staff are lovely, the trainers are amazing and keep her motivated, there are a mix of classes to suit all her fitness goals including strength, cardio and flexibility. When she finishes a class her feeling is like she  had a really good workout and is ready for the day!


What makes motion so different from other fitness studios?

Helen says  it’s the atmosphere, energy and accountability of training in a group environment.


If you join Motion fitness Be prepared to suffer, sweat and smile!

Helen Rhodes

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