Meet David Bissell!

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Meet our good friend and Motion featured Trainer David! He is a Bali-based physio trainer (originally from London) that splits his time between online fitness coaching as well as in-person. He has been remaining fueled up with the help of our Motion Meal Plans and was eager to share about experience and routine! 

We sat down with David to learn a little bit about how he stays motivated, what he recommends to get or keep nutrition in check (hint, babes, you don’t have to look very far…), and that aerospace engineers with rippling abs love our Protein Waffles just as much as we do!

Why were you drawn to be a fitness professional?

When I started working out to look good as an exuberant teenager I soon realized how much of a positive impact it had on my life, I loved the great feeling a resistance workout would give me, and the confidence I gained from it.

I actually have a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, probably another reason I was drawn to the systematic profession of lifting. But when I was getting to the end of my degree I was already gaining traction in the fitness industry, winning fitness model competitions and opportunities coming my way, so it seemed like the natural thing to do – follow my passion and the momentum.

What’s your philosophy on nutrition?

That the best nutrition plan or structure is one that can be followed. This means matching up to the individual’s personality type and style. I also believe that learning the fundamentals of nutrition is vital also so that you can make independent educated decisions/deviations at the moment without relying completely upon the coach or system you’re using.

How do you implement nutrition plans with your coaching?

Although there is normally a best-fit nutrition approach for each person I like to go through a 3 stage learning protocol initially.

Stage 1 is layout, structure, food types, and habits. No calorie counting at this point, it’s more about eating a lot (of good food) initially to fuel the new exercise, get the metabolism firing, and set a good platform of fundamentals to build upon.

Stage 2 I introduce calorie and macro counting. Working out the individuals’ baseline calories and refining the ability to count and weigh effectively, as calorie counting is also only as accurate as you make it!

Stage 3 is a meal plan. At this point, we are driving results, so it’s all about the absolutely most fully optimized meal plan for the individual, consistent portion sizes, and meal timings.

What do you love about Motion Fitness Foods?

This place is amazing! Although it’s more than just a cafe, I think a lot of people know motion mainly for the famous cafe, and rightly so that waffle is infamous haha. But what I love about motion is how much more there is going on behind the scenes, they have a separate kitchen in another location for their events and retreats catering, as well as home-delivered meal plans… it is Bali’s one-stop shop for fitness food.

What are your 3 favorite items?

Protein waffle, protein waffle, and protein waffle… no I joke haha but there are legit that many different ways to make up your waffle that I could have 3 favorites.

I also love the egg white omelet and protein pancakes.

How do you keep clients motivated?

I think a clear pathway is extremely motivating. Laying out a tangible goal, the roadmap to the goal, and the corresponding milestones along the way, and then delivering on that as a trainer with energy and reliability so that they know you’ve got their back the whole way.

What motivates YOU to get stronger/healthier?

Initially, I wanted to look good, don’t we all. More recently it’s about looking good as well as staying strong and agile for life’s adventures – from climbing mountains to water-sports, now in my 30s I couldn’t throw myself around like I did in my 20s anymore haha.

Guilty pleasure?

Doughnuts, cookies, pastries… It’s a big list. Deep down I’m a foodie!

If you’re on an island (ha! You are!) and you need one thing to survive, what is it?

A routine. The most boring answer to this question you’ll ever have and I promise I’m not that boring. However, I’m very routine-orientated, and I feel like as human beings we all need some routine in our lives.

We love that we’re stuck on an Island with David! The good news is, you are too! If you’d like to train with David or learn about more about nutrition and how you can get Meal Plans* like his then you can find him at @davidbissell_or at Obsidian in Perenenan. 

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