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manisbali. x love stories bali

This collaboration is about more than just bedding…

sleep with style + nature + giving 

Everything manisbali and love stories bali invest in supports a social cause. Their dream was to exist for a beautiful school mission:

to support children’s green education through green bedding- 50% of their net profit goes to underprivileged children!

Look-and-feel-good bedding filled with love stories to nourish ourselves, nourish others, and the earth that nourishes us – all together as one.

Love for STYLE • stylish • artsy • crafty • sleep more • use more

Love for NATURE • natural fibers and dyes • toxin-free

Love for CRAFTSMANSHIP • artisan handmade luxury

Love for GIVING • you become an inherent donor! 

Let’s sleep with beautiful stories of Style + Nature + Giving!

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