Louisa and Chloe… Their Fit & Slim Lifestyle Experience

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Louisa and Chloe are 2 friends who decided to come on holidays in Bali and make a change in their life!

After one week of intense training, personalized diet, meditation, massage, lot of sun and many centimetersdropped, they wrote a few sentences about their experience…


Louisa & Chloe Interview…

How did you find us?
We knew we wanted to do some sort of active escape as part of our holiday so we headed to Google and instagram and we were lucky enough to come across Motion Fitness.

What did you like most? Personal Training? Classes?
I loved all the different classes.  Even if you repeated the same type of class you would never have the dreaded feeling of knowing what was coming up as the trainers always came up with great new ways to make you hurt!  I loved that the classes weren’t just cardio but also great strength building. Having the addition of the focused personal training sessions made a good mix and the days never felt repetitive, especially when a beach workout is thrown in!

Did you learn new things about nutrition and fitness?
I feel like i have learnt so much from the 6 days. All the fitness and nutrition over the week clearly worked so I just need to continue it. Mel gave us plenty of time to ask all the questions we needed and the advice she gave us was specific to our needs/ goals and lifestyle back home. It was also good to hear again from Mel and her team the importance of strength training and how crucial doing weights are to shed the fat.

Which changes did you include in your daily life?
Despite having been training more seriously for a few months prior to coming to Motion I definitely feel like my time with Motion gave my body a complete boost and kicked it into action!  Mel and all the Motion crew truly live and believe in all that they teach you and as a result it’s hard not to get wrapped up in it all and that’s because it works!
If I’m honest I was a little skeptical that 6 days could make much difference however it seems like I was wrong! I lost 2.5kg and 15cm and the best thing is that it just seems like a great start to a continuing process.  Mel gave a detailed overview of nutrition planning and training for me to continue the process when back at home and it’s been so easy to incorporate into my life. It’s been great to feel part of the Motion family and they have been keen to keep in touch with my continuing progress which is a great incentive to keep going. Thanks Motion!


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