How To Survive The Christmas Break At Home

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Christmas is the traditional time for overeating and drinking too much. Parties, social and family gatherings make Christmas one of the hardest times of the year to stick rigidly to a healthy eating plan and being active. So why waiting for New Year to start a diet instead of eating clean and healthy food and exercising straight away?!


Stay active!!!

Create a schedule for your Christmas holidays. The secret to keeping your weight stable while still indulging over Christmas is to incorporate more activity in your daily life.

For example, to burn off the calories provided by one chocolate croissant (330 kcal) you could spend 60 minutes weight training in the gym or 35 minutes on a cross trainer. Stuck at home? Don’t sit still; 45 minutes of general cleaning and 90 minutes of ironing would also burn the same number of calories.


Make wise decisions

Say YES to: Sweet potato, ham, chicken, eggs, nuts ,any green + red + purple + orange vegetable, lean steak, natural rice, fish

Say NO to: potatoes, corn, biscuits, white bread, noodle, banana, pineapple, don’t eat any white or yellow food besides white fish, Egg, Yogurt and Chicken


More Christmas Survival Tips

Don’t skip breakfast or lunch or else you will feel hungrier later on and more tempted to overeat.

Stand away from tempting bowls of crisps, chocolates and nuts.

Plan your menus carefully in advance so you don’t over-buy food

Avoid anything made with pastry

Nourish yourself with real food

Use turmeric liberally in your food

Listen to your natural appetite cues

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Choosing to lead a healthy life is a lifetime commitment. WE know that bad habits die hard, but good habits will empower and support you in your journey to a healthier, happier life. Lets do it together! SUFFER! SWEAT!SMILE!



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