How To Absorb Vitamins

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The best way to get all vitamins you need, is eating fresh foods, as varied and diverse as possible. Only in specific life circumstances our body needs more of one specific vitamin.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most vitamins out of your food!

  • Try to protect your veggies and fruits from too much light and heat, store them airtight
  • Eat your apples, pears and even potatoes with their skin, choose organic if possible
  • Prepare them steamed or sautéed don’t cook them too much
  • Get enough Vitamin D by enjoying milk products every day and 2-3 times per week seafood, plus get one time per day 30 min of sunlight on your skin
  • Prepare your salads with lemon and olive oil to get the extra vitamin C boost from lemons. The oil helps to absorb the vitamins for example in carrots or tomatoes
  • Pimp your meals with seeds, nuts, and fresh herbs: the healthy fats help to absorb the vitamins best and nourishes your nervous system
  • Stick to this rule: eat 5 times per day some fresh veggies or fruits, the portion should be the size of a hand
  • Conscious eating, take your time to eat a freshly cooked meal, chew well. We don’t have a blender in our stomach!
  • Enjoy every bite and try to stay away from your electric devices while eating!


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