Holidays with Mel – her personal Travel Diet

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As a fitness professional, I have clients, friends and family members all asking me similar questions: “How do I keep the holiday pounds off?”


First of all, even on my holidays I do plenty of sports

I love to train twice per day. Most of the time it is a combination of cardio (running, hills sprints, stair sprints, jumps) & strength training (push-ups, planks, dips). The cardio training in the morning is most of the time longer than my cardio routine in the evenings.

Everyone knows that I have been a passionate rock climber for years, so I try to combine this with catching some waves on my vacation as well as . As you can see; I definitely prefer having an active holiday in combination with camping, especially road trips.

Camping, sleeping and living outside in the forest, surrounded by nature, mountains and fresh air …. all this is just magical to me! I believe this is the best family holiday and a dream for every kid. All family members are involved in cooking, cleaning, packing and playing lots of games. We have a BBQ everyday, I mean really! AND I drink red wine everyday on my holidays but as well I keep doing sports and feel so relaxed that there is no problem with it. Stress hormones are down and it is definitely me time. Always lots of action and if we feel like a new destination we check out a new area, if we like a place we stay longer.


But what about the food?

Before sunrise I love the quiet time and have a intense workout until I see the light get brighter and my stomach is screaming for food!

Time to run to the shop to buy fresh fruits and some rolls for my family. I never eat  bread or any sugar and it is very easy to stick to this rule for me. I like my body and I want to stay toned and fit and even get better. I see it also as my responsibility as personal trainer to stay in best shape and as healthy as possible to motivate my clients.

In the morning I eat plenty of fruit, yogurt, granola, eggs and chia seeds, which I always prepare in the evening. Foods I could not live without are for sure any nuts, eggs, yogurt and avocados. I prefer to eat lightly cooked vegetables. But no raw food for me I love fresh salads but always combine with fish, eggs, chicken, cheese and of course nuts, nuts nuts. I like my stomach flat and nothing will get in there, which motivates me especially on my holiday to the beach.

I do not follow a strict diet during my holidays, but if I over did it with too much cheese and wine and am not feeling well in my skin then I follow my easy travel diet. The truth is I know which food satisfies my body and brain. I don’t want to eat food which is processed, heavy and full of flavor enhancers.

Now you know for sure how I stay fit & healthy during the best time of the year!


The next holiday comes for sure!

Your Mel


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