Here we Are…. Again & Awesome

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After a few weeks of Fitness & Nutrition I am here again to share my feelings about my body and my mind!

I have to admit that it has been much easier than what I thought;

Having a high protein diet is actually preventing you from being starving so the diet is not that hard!

I did follow the Motion Class and combined it with the protein diet.

The biggest change I saw in my body was that I got more toned, I can clearly see my belly, legs and arms are thinner. I also noticed my layer of fat on my belly has definitely reduced a lot! I was surprised how having the right nutrition can change your body so fast….

And lot of people around me also noticed it. Which give you again more motivation!

The first week was the Vegan Protein Diet which is based on ‘normal meals’. This is a Vegan diet.

No meat, no fish, no eggs and no dairy. It was actually very easy to follow as it really doesn’t look like a diet, the meals are super yummy and various.

The second week… Was a bit different!!  I went for the Super Skinny Protein Diet! This is more though but SO efficient. You get every morning a white eggs omelet with veggies or salmon or ham… (everyday a different recipe!). For lunch The chia seed Pudding with Nuts  (Actually my Favorite meal of the Diet!)

The Chia Seed are very important in this diet as they bring you a high amount of fibers, good fat and protein. Chia Seed are a Superfood. They contain many health benefits. And the nuts for the “Yumminess” and the Good fat!

People are always scared of the “Fat” but it actually won’t make you Fat (Yes, Trust me!!).  This is very important for your brain, heart, skin, hair… So go for Salmon, Nuts, Seeds… And don’t be scared!

The skinny Protein Diet is only one week but the results are amazing. As you give your body very low carbs and sugar, your body will burn your stock of fat and you will get lean very quickly.

Exercising is a must to increase the efficiency of this diet!

I was quite happy with the measurements, only 6 days diet between those numbers!

Arm left 24cm 22cm
Tummy top 67cm 64cm
Tummy bottom 76cm 74cm
Hip 91cm 89cm
Leg 51cm 50cm


I have always liked to exercise but sometimes it is hard to have every day the right nutrition. This one week program was just the perfect solution.

I feel lighter and more toned, for the “After Diet” I keep a high amount of protein, drink a lot, keep exercising and laughing a lot!!





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