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Change the way you think about your self

Our image comes mainly from what others told us, about us.  If you really think about where your thoughts about your self came from, you can always pull the string to our parents, friends and people around us. Our bad reality comes from others.  To change your own self image and separate it from what others told you, you have to use positive affirmations.
No matter what you see in the mirror now, and no matter what you think you believe, everything can start to change this very moment.
When you wake up every morning, and before you go to sleep, visualize what you want to be.   How you want to look or feel.   Just the thought process alone will start moving all the energy around you towards that goal.  Determination is everything. If someone told you in the past that you are not beautiful, or not special enough,  accept that as a lie.   You are your own person now, create you own reality.


Make a decision to change your life

There is two kinds of people, those who make a decision and those who think about it.   If you want change, make a decision to change. Form a plan in your head, and write it down.  Make it the biggest plan no matter how crazy it might look.  Difficulty is only an illusion, that’s keeping you from reaching your goals. Keep your head straight upon the finish line and distractions will not be as visible.


Crazy diets don’t work

If it sounds too good to be true, it always is.  What works is eliminating processed foods, refined sugars and soda drinks.   Also substituting bad foods for good foods.
Don’t count calories like it’s money. It will drive you more crazy.

No Diet pills

Have you read the side effects on a diet pill bottle? Fast heart beat, loss of breath, vomiting, diarrhea, shivering and head aches…  Getting fit and lose weight with this side effects?! Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?

Start slowly and have fun

If you begin to over work your self from the start, you will grow tired of it really quickly and end up just giving up.  Because in the beginning, you have to get your body getting use to exercising, and later you will naturally crave the feeling and want to add more. Try to find ways of making your workouts fun.


Our bodies love a good routine

Have you ever had something you started doing by accident and then found your self wanting to do it all the time. Get up, have a coffee and full bottle of water, do your workout etc etc. Create your personal routine, but a very enjoyable routine. Find an enjoyable routine that is healthy, and you can stick with.
Stay active on your days off

Feel good and keep your body moving. Go out to a park, go out somewhere. Visit a new place or walk to the cinema instead of taking the taxi.


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