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Healthy Snack on top of everything!

Almonds… I love you 🙂

Everyday for my snack I get some almonds and seeds.

“Why”, you will ask me… “Everyday …?”

Well very easy, almonds are a SuperSnack, they are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and fibers. And they do provide a lot of health benefits.

Almonds contain high levels of healthy unsaturated fatty acids to help preventing cardiovascular heart diseases. Consuming almonds also increases vitamins E levels in the plasma that helps to lower the blood cholesterol level.

And on top of everything   …… :

Although almonds are high in fat (the good fat!), consuming on a regular basis (10 almonds per day) will aid in weight loss.

Then… Next time you feel peckish, don’t forget the almonds!

The lunch today: Tropical salad with organic Tempeh to keep a good protein intake ( tempeh contains 19 gr of proteins for 100g…! and this is good vegetal protein)

I am actually not vegetarian, but this is very good for your body to alternate the protein sources. (Anima protein & plant protein)

Directly delivered to my home, picnic style makes me happppyy

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