Healthy Foods That I Eat Daily – Food Diary of trainer Mel

Fitness trainer and nutrition specialist Mel gets asked a lot by her clients what she eats during the day. Here she gives us a day in her life.



2-glass ice cold Water

Intake of supplement: Fish oil, Q10, Life Pack, Magnesium


Cappuccino + 1 Banana


Piccolo Latte + 1 Energy Bar


Slim Tonic during class


1 bottle Turmeric Boost, directly after class


Chicken Salad with extra 2 poached Eggs and Sweet Potato @AvocadoCafeBali


1 piece of Cake + 1 cup green Tea @AvocadoCafeBali


Intake of supplement: Prime rose, Calcium, Life pack


1 Salmon Fillet, 10-15 Almonds, Red Capsicum

8pm – 10pm

snacking 1 cold Salmon Fillet + 10-15 Almonds

15-glasses of water during the date


Read more about Mel’s eating habits and her rules regarding healthy food:


  • I love to eat fresh, healthy food and I eat a lot.
  • Happily I can say that I have a natural instinct to eat the right ingredients my body needs and asking for.
  • I have a sweet tooth but don’t eat any sugar after 6pm.
  • I drink as much water as possible as I am super worry to get to dry and wrinkle early. I want to keep my skin fresh as long as possible and as I sweat so much during classes I need plenty of water.
  • No day without green tea…it is my fat killer secret.
  • I love red wine but as in Bali is not affordable good one I keep it for special events. I really can’t drink a bad wine.
  • I drink too much coffee (often 3 per day) but I owe a Cafe so it’s hard to resist.
  • To feel satisfied I eat 1 piece of cake or dessert everyday but mostly from Avocado Cafe
  • I finish my food intake every evening with protein to keep my metabolism working over night.
  • I use supplements as it makes me feel better, my hair stronger and I refill the minerals and electrolyte as I loose because sweating over the day.


It’s not eating in general which makes people sick and fat, it is what they eat. It takes just 3 weeks to change a bad food taste in a healthier, better one. Take your chance!


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