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Healthy Food Diary of Trainer Lucie

To give us an idea of what a trainer eats every day, we asked Lucie to write down every meal she ate during one 24-hour period.


Breakfast from  6.30am – 8.30am 

  • 1 pot of jasmine green tea with squeezed citruses
  • Oat porridge with dragon fruit, banana, cashew nuts ,coconut chunks


Snack within 10am – noon

  • Large cappuccino with  something sweet 🙂
  • Fresh whole coconut


Lunch within 1pm – 2pm

  • Red rice with boiled tempeh with salad (tomatoes, avocado, egg, basil)


Snack within 3pm – 4pm

  • Fresh smoothie
  • Fruit salad


Dinner within 5pm – 7pm

  • Tuna steak with spinach, ruccola, roasted pumpkin, beetroot, feta



Thinks that  I LOVE:


I like to eat my own dishes… I like to know what I eat

I like prepare fresh juices everyday

I like to spend long time eating breakfast

I like to drink coconut water after my classes and workouts

I like to eat an energy ball after class

I like to cook healthy and with fresh ingredients

I drink everyday 1 – 1,5 liters of a still water and 0,5 liter jasmine or green tea

I look forward eating after each class

I like to bake my own healthy cakes

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