Heal yourself with herbs

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It used to be a hobby for grannies but now using herbal powders and growing your own culinary enhancers is trendy. Heal yourself, look good and be healthy at any age with these powerful herbal powders by simply adding them to your daily menu.

Turmeric –the miracle cure

This spice belongs to the ginger family and is an all-rounder when it comes to help with diseases. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It’s used for diabetes and heart disease management as well as for gastrointestinal treatments.

Maca – stay balanced

The sweet tasting root vegetable is actually an adaptogen, a rare group of foods that encourages your body to regulate its hormones. This means if you are feeling low in energy, it can lift you up, and if you are always restless, you will be able to relax. Mix Maca powder into your porridge, smoothie or any baking.

Moringa – Mr. Popay

Powdered moringa leaves have 13 essential vitamins and minerals and all 9 amino acids, as well as an impressive antioxidant profile. It is rich in iron, which makes it especially suitable for vegetarians, vegans and anyone deficient in this mineral. Moringa has a “spinach-taste”, so it works well in sauces, stews, and soups as well as green juices.

Baobab – fibre

This power is loaded with vitamin C to support your immune system, while its potassium content helps to prevent fatigue and keeps your nervous system in balance. Plus it’s an amazing source of soluble fibre and a solid prevention against constipation.

Matcha – will boost your metabolism

By drinking matcha latte you are “eating” finely powdered leaves instead of drinking an infusion. Boost your metabolism and elevate energy levels by enjoying this slightly sweet, smooth and frothy goodness.

Spirulina – focus!

Just one tablespoon contains 4 grams of protein, 70% of your vitamin B12 requirements and 50% of your daily iron requirements. It’s great to alkalize your body. It will help you with sugar cravings and prevent anemia, fatigue, and inability to focus.

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