Green Smoothie – 1 + 1

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Green smoothies are all the rage, particularly here in Bali they are promoted as one of the best things you can do for your health.

In case you are one of the rare few who has never had one, green smoothies are usually made up of leafy greens and fruit. Sometimes they contain a other goodies, such as chia or flax seeds, maca or camu powder, cacao nibs, hemp protein, spirulina or coconut oil.

If you feel good after such a green calories bomb, very well . But if not, don’t worry because our digestive system is not designed to digests such a high amount of carbohydrates and fat at the same time . Because for all this things it needs certain enzymes and gastric juices. At the end the whole mass is heavy on the stomach and not processing . The result is fatigue, bloating , weight gain and other unpleasant symptoms .


1. The ingredients : clean water ,green leaves and fruit.

2. Optional ingredients : superfoods in moderation like maca powder or spirulina.

3. Keep it simple!

4. What does not belong in a green smoothie: fats , nut milk , oatmeal and starchy vegetables.

5. Protein powder confuses your digestion and suppresses the body’s amino acid production.

6. Chew your smoothie!

7. Best time for a green smoothie is in morning as the first meal or lunch after a light fruit meal .

8. After the Smoothie : rinse the mouth with water or Xylith to remove the acid and fructose.

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