The Motion Fitness Goji Ball is Back: The Perfect Snack with Maximum Nutrient Load!

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With their wonderfully sweet-tart taste and great nutritional value, goji berries are a powerhouse. For millennia, traditional Chinese medicine has used these vivid red berries; their amazing nutritional profile has helped them become somewhat well-known all over. This is why we have brought back a Goji Ball, a Motion Fitness Foods favorite. Drop by the café, order online, or design a meal plan including this incredibly healthy snack!

Why Do We Love Goji Berries?

Superfoods high in nutrients
Goji berries are rich in vitamins C and A, iron, fiber, and antioxidants, as well as other vital minerals. These vitamins enhance general health, strengthen the immune system, and encourage good skin, among other things.

Powerhouse Antioxidant
Our fondness for goji berries stems mostly from their great antioxidant value. Linked to many chronic illnesses, oxidative stress, and inflammation are avoided in the body by antioxidants. A great complement to a healthy diet, goji berries provide strong antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta-carotene, and zeaxanthin.

Immunological Enhancement Characteristics
Because of their great vitamin C concentration, Goji berries are well-known for their immune-boosting qualities. Goji berries should be regularly consumed if one wants to boost general well-being, lower their risk of illnesses, and enhance their immune system.

Energy and Vitality
In traditional Chinese medicine, Goji berries support vitality, energy, and lifespan. Because of their possible health advantages—better energy levels, stamina, and general vitality—these berries are sometimes referred to as a “superfood for longevity.”

Flexible and Tasty
Not only are goji berries tasty and healthy, but they are also flexible. Enjoy them as a snack on their own, toss them into cereal, salads, baked goods, or smoothies, or steep them in tea for a great twist. Health-conscious foodies love them, as their sweet and sour taste adds a different touch to many kinds of cuisine.

Presenting the Goji Ball – all the advantages in one mouthful of food.

Goji berries are a real superfood deserving of a spot in your cupboard. There are many reasons to adore these vivid red berries, from their nutrient-dense profile to their antioxidant activity and immune-boosting qualities. Goji berries will wow your taste receptors and fuel your body whether you eat them as a power snack or in our roasted pumpkin salad.

But just now, our Goji Ball will provide all these advantages. Designed to raise your mood and supply a high nutritional power boost, this vegan, raw, gluten-free snack is made with almond flour, dates, goji berries, and coconut flakes. Every Goji Ball is bursting in antioxidants, boosts immune system performance, lowers blood pressure, and could even aid with memory capacity.

Nutritional Data:

  • Calorie count: 283
  • Protein: seven grams.
  • Carbohydrates: 25g.
  • Fat: 10g

Date of expiration: fourteen days

IDR 30,000 is the price; discounted from IDR 35,000.

Why Hold Back? Discover the advantages right now.

Miss missed the opportunity to enjoy the amazing advantages of the Goji Ball. The Goji Ball is the ideal supplement to your meal plan, a pre-workout boost, or a fast snack, depending on your need. To start, visit our café, order online, or review our meal ideas. You will be thanked by your body!


Including Goji Balls in your daily regimen can greatly improve your wellness and general state. Full of vital minerals, antioxidants, and immune-boosting qualities, these mouthwatering treats are a quick and easy approach to helping you meet your dietary needs. Why not swing by now to pick up a handful of Goji Balls? Your body will say thank you.

Are you all set to change your health? Discover our whole selection of snacks and start your path towards wellness right now. Shop now. Including Goji Balls in your diet will be a big step toward a better and more vivid way of life. Recall that every mouthful advances one toward improved health!

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