Give yourself a smile

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Give yourself a smile and the world smiles back. Starting the day with a smile can just be a good start. This positive vibe moves through your mind and body and might be the beginning of a wonderful day.

Only you can create the start of your day and how it goes on. You can rush out of the bed and get annoyed at the News, at the loud roosters or the traffic, but that’s when you usually attract more negative things! A strong reaction reflects a strong reaction back at you.

Since I started smiling first thing in the morning I feel how my whole day starts much easier and gets lighter. Not many things can bother me anymore…it really works and the more it works the more I want to do it. I start making funny faces in front of the mirror haha.

I am doing this ever since I started training and teaching. When I do my strong cardio training, of course, I don’t smile non-stop, but I remind myself during the workout and I’m always amazed how good it feels and the more I push my training the more I laugh. I also always try to remind during my classes to smile and I am sure you will feel the difference. I hope you guys really give it a try. Smiling has so many positive impacts. You can read all about it in our blog post about the benefits of smiling.

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