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Give back this Christmas!

For more than 6 years, Bali Street Mums have been raising money to provide a safe house, food, medical assistance, counseling, and a home for children and mothers in need and to help them break the cycle!

The Tragic Cycle:

  1. For generations, mothers have taken their children to the streets of Kuta and Denpasar to beg.
  2. It’s due to the fact that their villages up in the mountains of Batur and Agung have no water, no schools, no hospitals, and no income.
  3. For 12 hours a day, children beg for pennies alone — leaving them vulnerable to sex trafficking.

100% of their revenue goes back to support them, and the Non-Profit Organization even provides their children with an education!

Why Donate?

For just $25, we can provide a mum or child with two weeks of:

  1. Safe Housing
  2. Clean Clothing
  3. Useful Education
  4. Medical Aid and Counseling

So, what better time to support them on their amazing mission than during this Christmas season? 

Get our Vegan Macrones at the Café, 100% of the profits are getting donated to Bali Street Mums! They are only available this holiday season! 

Or donate directly to the organization!

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