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Get New Years’ Eve Plans in Motion

Less screen time. More meditation. Track my macros. Don’t obsess over tracking my macros. More self-care? Duh. 

Do your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions have your mind far too occupied to finalize your New Year’s Eve Plans? Babes, saaaaaaaame! We get it, but luckily, WE GOT YOU COVERED!

Motion Retreats Catering & Events has thoughtfully designed menus for you to choose from that will meet all your New Year’s needs! Plant-Based, Keto, Finger Foods, and all much more!

Whether you’re a group of 8 or a party of 20+ we will happily assist you in constructing A New Year’s Eve affair to remember! Or maybe your dinner party is an event to close out a year you want to forget! Regardless, we’ve got magical menus to set it all in Motion whilst your macros remain in check!

Take a look below to check out all our catering options!

Give us a call because the answer is always more self-care and we’re here to help you get that in Motion. 

Tastefully yours, 

Motion Retreat Catering & Events Team

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