Flotschi’s Detox- Experience at Avocado Cafe Bali

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Besides my need for a long overdue vacation, my deep friendship to Stefan and Andrea made me pick Bali as destination for a holiday.

I already knew, that Andrea started to work at Avocado Cafe Bali, since she graduated in nutrition science and dietology.

I work in healthcare, so the term of healthy and balanced nutrition also crosses my field of expertise. However it is hard to eat reasonable and stick to good and healthy “homemade” food, especially during nightshifts. This is one of the main reasons, why I gained almost 22 pounds when I quit swimming for my team in order to study and work.

Therefore I was kind of excited of the idea doing a “DETOX- diet”, at Avocado Cafe Bali.



The first day was dominated by liquid nutrition. Early in the morning I started with a glass (250ml) of gentle warm water containing Epsom salts. During the rest of the day I had to drink 5 bottles (750ml) of different juices supplied by Avocado Cafe Bali (no coffee, no sugar and of course no alcohol). The Epsom salts, which actually tasted really bad, should support and ease the intestinal system to get rid of toxins and feces and prepare the body as initiating the “Detox diet”. Note: If you drink the glass pretty quick, it is not that bad.

The first was a rich and good tasting, red colored juice consisting of different fruits. I was told to drink it before midday. Besides I had another bottle, which was a kind of “booster juice” containing Kurkuma. This one was really energizing and helped me to ignore a slow rising feeling of getting hungry.

In the afternoon I had the 2nd “main bottle”. It was a green, mainly containing vegetables  and tasted less sweet but definitely interesting. A 4th bottle of coconut water was also meant to be drunk during the afternoon. In my opinion it helped to get rid of feeling hungry very well, since I had had no food for 24h by then. In the evening I had the 5th bottle with tea tasting of ginger and lime with a little bit of honey added.

In summary I felt pretty good the whole day, in spite of some felling hungry emerging in the early afternoon. Anyway it disappeared after approximately an hour.


Day 2

On the 2nd day mostly vegetables and proteins were on the “diet plan”. Breakfast started with an egg-white omelet filled with green beans, spinach and onions. Furthermore I was allowed to drink coffee again and altogether I had two espressi for this day. Although I had not eaten the day before, I had no problems of feeling weak during the morning surf. Later on I got a cooked egg and quinoa-coco pudding for lunch. I was surprised that I actually was full after the egg and half of the pudding, because it seemed few of food. I ate the second half of the pudding later before my “TRX- class” at Motion fitness- gym with Melanie.

It was my first professional guided TRX- training lesson and I have to say, that it was harder than I expected. Moreover Melanie gave really good instructions during the exercise and was a great motivator.  Once again, I was surprised that I had enough power left and was looking forward to dinner. Dinner consisting of fish and green vegetables tasted really good, spicy and filled my stomach comfortably. To sum it up it was an exhausting day, but I had much fun, enjoying the “TRX- class” at Motion Fitness gym.



Day 3

The 3rd day’s diet was also mostly proteins without carbs, sugar and alcohol. I had an egg-white omelet filled with ham, spinach and onions for breakfast at Avocado Cafe Bali. In addition a cappuccino and coconut water was served. Lunch was again the quinoa-coconut pudding, which kept me feeling full the rest of the day. Actually I couldn’t eat all of the omelet and vegetables I had for dinner, though it tasted really good. It seemed that my stomach already adjusted to smaller portions of food. Nevertheless I didn’t feel tired and went for some sports activities in the morning and afternoon.



It was a great experience doing this short term “Detox- and protein diet” at Avocado Cafe Bali. I really appreciated the food and the delivery. The meals always arrived on time. Special thanks to Melanie for having me at her TRX- class! I am also glad to have had this experiment under the professional supervision of Andrea and Melanie. Furthermore I got some good advice for making my own meal for work back home and to continue eating more reasonably.

I almost lost 16 pounds during these 14 days and I am still feeling great and revitalized.

I also want to give a special thanks to the whole team of Avocado Cafe Bali and of course the great team in the kitchen for the delicious food.

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