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Motion is a fitness solution for anyone who is ready to take themselves to a higher level of health and wellbeing. We offer numerous services in Bali such as fitness classes, personal training, fitness challenges and fitness consultations. The focus remains on a high-energy, supportive, result driven environment for fitness fanatics and newcomers alike.

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Why Group Fitness?... Doing group fitness is an easy method to keep you motivated improving your fitness level. You are not alone and most people have the same problem: to get their butt into the gym!

The group also keeps you accountable to endure, even if you are dead exhausted. Another good reason to join a group workout is the social setting. Nothing brings people closer than misery and physical suffering. Plus, there are friendly instructors who keep track of your tardiness!

Unlimited Group Classes
1 week : 500.000 IDR
2 weeks : 850.000 IDR
1 months : 1.250.000 IDR
3 months : 3.350.000 IDR
Group Classes
1 hour : 150.000 IDR
12 CLASSES : 1.500.000 IDR (valid for 3 months)

GROUP CLASSES - schedule

No need to register in advance for all group classes at our gym in Bali. Just be there 10 min before class to sign up and kick-ass!


Our challenges are all about toning and shaping your body. The included healthy meal plan is designed to detoxify your system and smoothen your skin. In combination with our special exercise, cellulite buster massages, scrubs and oil there is no doubt you will see great results! For the sporties: this might be the key to finally get that 6 pack!

The 14-day fitness challenge includes:
  • Fitness & Nutrition Consultation
  • 2 Personal Trainings
  • 14-day unlimited Group Class Access at our gym in Bali
  • 14-day customised meal plan incl. daily delivery
  • Mindset Program
  • 2 Anti-cellulite Massages
  • Motion's Scrub & Toning Oil
  • Before & After Pictures
  • Body Measurements


10,000,000 IDR/person

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We provide 1 on 1 personal training or group fitness training for 2-5 people in Bali. You can choose weather you want to train at our gym or at the comfort of your home. Our experienced and certified trainers offer fitness and dietary advice and all have their individual additional expertise.

Services included:

  • Frequent Body Measurements
  • Before and After Photos
  • Mountain-high Motivation

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1 Person
(in Studio)
1 Person
(in Villa)
1 hour:
650.000 IDR
1 hour:
750.000 IDR
Package 10 PTs:
5.500.000 IDR
Package 10 PTs:
6.500.000 IDR


The 1-on-1 appointment with our experienced and certified fitness & nutrition trainer Melanie will last up to 60 minutes and can be held online or in a personal meeting.

After getting to know your health and dietary requirements we will create your customised fitness training plan for 6 weeks plus helpful nutrition tips and dietary guidelines. We will motivate and educate you, to make better choices for you health without giving up all the things that you love, because we want to create healthy habits, not restrictions.


2,000,000 IDR


Book one of our professional fitness trainers or yoga teachers to provide personal trainings or one of our infamous Motion group fitness classes for your clients.
Classes can be held at your location in Bali or at our Motion Fitness Studio in Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak.

Group Fitness
4 - 10 people IDR 2.500.000
11 - 20 people IDR 3.000.000
More than 20 people IDR 3.500.000



from 180,000 IDR

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Thank you so much for this great experience and time. I’m feeling so much stronger and energized. So great to see those measurements and photos! It’s exciting what can be done quite quickly.


from Australia

My Fitness kick-start program with Motion was the right way to get me into a fitness routine. I wanted to get general fit but focus on my thighs and butt. I definitely got a butt kick and a butt lift. Finally I like to work out and I needed a fast result to get motivated to stay on track. Highly recommended!


from Great Britain

This program has lift my spirit and still keeps me going. This fitness challenge has made me realize, if you want to improve at anything, put yourself amongst people who are already where you want to be. Just being around them will pull you up to their level. Thank you so much for changing my life!


Great Britain

For me Motion has it all covered, a dream for everyone who wants to pay attention to a happy healthy life. If you want to achieve results, anything is possible, just give it a try, Motion won’t let you down!


from The Netherlands

Motion’s Fitness Challenge is a great way to loose weight! The personal training sessions helped me to stay more focused on my goals and it was ass kicking as I needed it. Additional to the fitness and food, Mel’s mindset program made me find my inner center and gave me the right motivation to reach my goal.


from The Netherlands
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