Fitness Trends 2016

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The fitness trends of 2016 are as varied as the people who will be practicing them, but if you were to distill them down into two words, they would be “strong” and “personalized”.


Body weight training and strength training

Using your own body weight as a tool to workout continues to be one of the most straightforward and cheap ways to maintain fitness, and the addition of resistance and weights will challenge those who want to go a little further. The continued popularity of these forms of training means for 2016 at least, strong is (still) the new sexy.

Wearable technology

Tech devices are now central to our daily lives and have changed the way we plan and manage our workouts. Wearable devices also provide immediate feedback that can make the wearer more aware of their level of activity and can motivate the user to achieve their fitness goals.

Making it personal

Personal training is certainly not a new addition to gym schedules but it will continue to grow in popularity in 2016 with people looking more to certified professionals to help them workout well. Whether in groups or as individuals, people are drawn to personal training because of the results it produces.

Foam rolling and stretching

The importance of looking after muscle groups, pre- and post-exercise, will grow in recognition in 2016. “When we apply pressure to specific points in the body we are able to release the tension so the muscles recover and come back to their elastic state.


If you are interested in general well-being – the mind, the body and the spirit – then yoga is for you. Looking after the soul as well as the body is increasingly recognized as important in our busy lives.


The fitness trends of 2016 will see you exercising the way you want to, ensuring that you are looking after your body and your soul, and that you are having fun while doing it.So what are you waiting for??!!

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