Fit & Slim Weekly menu – May: Anti- aging

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Anti Aging through Food?

You probably know that healthy food has the power to prevent illnesses – but did you know that the right food can also slow the ageing process and the appearance of wrinkles?

The key is to eat foods that fight inflammation, are rich in antioxidants and are easy to digest. Foods that are full of antioxidants, for example vegetables, prevent inflammation and cellular damage by destroying free radicals in the body.
Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules produced by such things as stress, pesticides and sun. In skin cells, they cause collagen breakdowns, which leads to wrinkles.

Anti inflammation is the body’s response to free radicals. A long-term inflammation in the body is associated with a poor immune system and a higher risk of cancer and chronic diseases. So better take care of it by eating the right food!

To help you with this, our professional nutritionist has prepared a special Anti-Aging Fit& Slim Menu for the whole month of May. Every week we will focus on a specific diet:

Week 1: Clean Skin

Week 2: Anti cellulite

Week 3: Hydration

Week 4: Mind

Do not miss the chance to look and feel good with our Fit & Slim Weekly Menu in May.

Order it online – enjoy and stay young!




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