Fit & Slim Weekend Review

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When you think of a detox retreat, words like hunger, restrictions and suffering may come to your mind. But let me tell you, instead of all this our 8 beautiful ladies had a wonderful weekend with relaxing massages, health drinks, body scrubs, aqua fitness, yoga and lots of women’s talk…

Here are some facts off our kick start weekend for a healthier, and more balanced lifestyle:

  • 80 empty bottles of coconut water after 2 days
  • 120 minutes cardio exercises
  • 4 sessions of upper and lower body exercises
  • 8 hours of relaxing massage
  • 2 bags of ice for our body scrub
  • 35cm loss from our tummies :-)))))
  • 7200 sec of fun with Aldhy in the pool

Glowing and powerful from inside out the girls were impressed what’s possible when you treat your body and soul right: clearer skin and glowing eyes, solid sleep, digestive issues and bloating disappeared…. and yes we felt a little lighter and our clothes a little looser! The unique combination of proper detox, nutrition and exercise strengthened and kept our muscles while we lost the fat. As it is important to maintain the results in the following days, all participants got a huge amount of useful information about healthy lifestyle and fitness. Therefore it was not surprising that all participants kept detoxing for the next days. Most of the participants choose the Fit & Slim Detox Boxes which can easily be ordered to your office!

Thank you for this beautiful weekend!!!

We are looking forward our next Fit & Slim Detox Weekend in December 2015!!!!

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