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The upcoming big retreat with Motion Fitness is in collaboration with Triple Five Fitness, Melbourne. The brains behind this fitness studio is Eva Poci. Here we asked Eva about her fitness and more..

Please tell us more about your fitness history. How did you start your fitness journey, what made you interested in fitness?

For as long as I can remember exercise and sport have been a large part of my life. From swimming, netball and water polo at state level it was a very natural progression to end up involved in the fitness world. I have been a Personal Trainer for 5 years and have recently bought a women’s gym in Melbourne with 600 members! 


When did you come to Bali the first time and what makes you want to organize the retreat on this island?

Bali has always been a home away from home and dream to reside in for me. The weather, people, health and fitness is world class and makes me feel so alive and happy. I have been coming into Motion Fitness for 4 years numerous trips and every time got to know the amazing trainers and especially the super woman I now called a friend Mel. 


What will people achieve with FitTreat?

We have collaborated on this our first “FitTREAT” to inspire woman and educate them to train hard, stay lean, eat clean and to share our tips and tricks to implement our methods into their daily lives. Stress is a huge health issue and detoxing your mind and body is what we all need. A Reset! 


What is your favorite exercise?

I love training legs and BOOTY & core!! Hip thrusts, kick backs and crunches into leg raises are my favourites!


What is your favorite workout song?

Best song is something I can sing too. Music is the key to my workouts!! My friends on SoundCloud I love (Dennfrancisco) house sessions – look him up!!


What supplements do you take?

I use vegan protein as I do not digest whey so well. I also use magnesium morning and night. 


Which beauty/body product you cannot miss?

I love body oil. And Mels is by far my favourite!

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