Fit Flow with Mel

She is back! Starting on Monday 3rd of October our Mel is back at the studio and with her, the unique classes Fit Flow, created by Mel herself. The Fit Flow is an exercise, which will give you a lean and toned body, using mostly your own body weight. The exercise practices are created to make sure, that your mind is focusing on what your body is doing in the present moment – a mindful practice. This workout includes all your motoric skills like strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility and tempo.

The workout will help your body in losing weight and developing long and lean muscles. You want to get “the body”? Join Mel’s signature class and you will reach a fitness flow state with a hell lot of fun.

To have a variety of Fit Flow workouts Mel not only created the Fit Flow but also the Fit Flow Barre, where you use the Barre for your workout and a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines.

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