Fight Cravings

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We all know how it feels when you crave for something. That feeling that seizes your body and persuades you will go insane unless you put??? into your body. Over 70% of the population is familiar with this feeling, many don’t know why they occur or how to deny oneself from them.

Cravings come from a variety of possible reasons, ranging from hormonal or physiological imbalances to physical deficiency. Craving is a sign that we aren’t having our needs met. Food intake plays a big role in our life we need it to meet our nutritional needs, have some social interaction as well as oral gratification can be also really soothing. The act of putting things in our mouth can whip up deep body memories of comforting motion of suckling as a baby. First of all it is important to understand how cravings are arise and further how to deal with them to overcome once and for all.

Understanding cravings                                  

So what you crave could be a peek into your emotional state.

For example

  • Crunchy cravings: something stresses you, making you angry or tense, that’s why we try to release tension in our jaw
  • Creamy & fatty foods or chocolate cravings: you could be feeling unloved, depressed, insecure, lonely, guilty, anxious or fearful
  • Carbs cravings: try to deal with emotional pain or anxiety, you need to calm down


Maybe you will be able to identify and address the issue on your own by just thinking about it or by documenting. Sometimes we may need to speak about them with a friend or therapist to work things out. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help if you need.

Stress less

Stress affects hunger and appetite. High cortisol levels are associated with increased appetite, and cravings for salt, sugar and processed fats. We tend to choose junk or “comfort” food when we are under stress. This release endorphins and neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine as well as hormones such as noradrenaline and melatonin that makes us in the end happy and help to cope with stress.

  • Try to walk stress off. Literally! Take walks in the nature
  • Do some calming exercise for example yoga
  • Schedule an outing with a friend (a hike, enjoying a good meal or tea together)
  • Write your thoughts down
  • Re-organize your closet
  • Do whatever calms you down

Give in a little, but JUST a LITTLE

Sometimes the best way to handle a craving is to give a tiny bit. Find out what this is you crave for and allow having a tiny bit of it. We need to get this satisfaction of exactly this food and we can reach it also with a little bit of it. Later try to move to a healthier version. Avocado café offers many healthy snack options.

Keep healthy snacks on hand

If you already found out what you always craving for, prepare yourself and also trick yourself by having a healthy option of your favorite desire. For example:

  • Cut fruits ready to take
  • Cut veggies with hummus
  • Mixed nuts
  • Boild eggs

Distract yourself

Cravings also pop up as a result of boredom; most of them will go away in about 20 minutes if you try to think about something else.

  • Go for a walk
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Call a friend
  • Do some mobilization exercise (stretch yourself, get up of your seating position)

There is a good chance that you will forget after 20-30 min about whatever you were craving. If not it’s time for a meal.


ZZZ…Make sleep a priority

Try to keep a good sleeping hygiene. The hormone Ghrelin increases and the hormone Leptin reduce when you lack of sleep. Leptin regulates when to stop eating. When this is out of balance so you are. More Ghrelin means you are hungrier because this hormone controls your appetite. Less sleep also leads us to choose high- calorie carbs for extra energy.

  • Got to bed earlier if you feel already tired early evening.
  • Try to eat 2 hours before you go to bed
  • Calm down before you go to bed, read a book
  • Shut down your electric devices


Drink, Drink, Drink

Water is a natural appetite suppressant because it avoids that we are dehydrating. If your body is in imbalance it can send wrong signals of hunger and lead to strong cravings for sweet or savory. So we suggest drinking some water before attending to a craving. You can also pimp your water with fresh lemon, ginger or peppermint. Peppermint is a natural appetite suppressant. For a more intense effect you can also use peppermint oil. Put 1 drop of this oil in 1-liter water mix well and sip it during the afternoon.

Plate it

If you struggling stopping yourself while snacking or you don’t’ know about the right portion size and combinations for your meal to full fill all your needs order your Customized Diet or Motion weekly Meal Plans.


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