Fasted cardio, yes or no?

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Exercising on an empty stomach… Yes or No ?

The most knowledgeable trainers and exercise experts agree that cardio in the morning on an empty stomach is not good for your body.

Well, you might ask, what if I want to burn fat…?

I have low glycogen stores in the morning and my energy levels are low because I don’t have carbohydrates, so then I will tap into my fat stores right?

This is wrong. According to, the complete opposite happens.

Fat burn doesn’t occur during cardio exercise, but about two hours after. Instead your body will look at your tasty muscles for energy meaning. Bye-bye muscles and lean mass.

You won’t have a satisfactory amount of energy meaning decreases performance. And if you think about it, your body has just fasted for eight hours and it needs something to eat to refuel itself.

The body is like a car. It cannot operate properly if there is no gas present. The body cannot operate correctly if there is no food present.

Intense cardio on an empty stomach is a big no-no. However, a light walk in the morning on an empty stomach can be a great idea. But here’s the thing. Be sure to drink a protein shake or eat a protein based meal prior to low intensity morning cardio to preserve muscle mass.


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