Experience the Power of Food as Medicine

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Motion Fitness Food has its story and it all began 14 years ago with Fitness training and the first Product: the Motion Energy Bar after that, our famous protein bar followed.
An old story but back in the days, when Bali had no whole foods, my mum used to sent kilos of Oats to Bali for a couple of years until we got supplies in Bali too.

I was coaching a lot of people and training myself as well. I needed to be stronger and richer in nutritious, I was eating Nasi Bungus and Soto Ayam daily which I loved, but my body was not used to it as I am European.

I started to lose weight, had oily skin, muscle pain, a lag of concentration and sleep, I wanted to be strong and healthy! 

Back in Germany I had no issues as I had all the food I needed and my body was used too. 

So I had my own experiment, how the body reacts when not getting enough nutrition, then comparing it to how amazing It feels when we give it what it needs. This includes giving our body meals rich in proteins, combined with slow digesting foods and in general more balanced and rich in nutritious.

Of course I kept going, made certain experiments with myself and clients.

Motion Fitness Food was born with its Fit & Slim Menu also everything you find at Motion Fitness Café. 

After I finished studying fitness and nutrition I made my way over to Bali. I knew a lot about what is good for your body, but the best way to get experience is with real people.

Today I can say that food is your medicine and is life changing.

A good diet does not only work to make your health stronger but most illnesses and diseases are better cured combined with a clean and healthy diet and regular exercises.

Go to Motion, check it out, learn about portion size without counting calories which actually is a measure of energy not nutrition’s!!! But I might write about this next as I can go endless with this topic…☺

Motion Fitness Food is the resulting product of passion, scientific knowledge, traditional healing methods from different cultures and the feedback of thousands of clients, aiming to give your body what it needs to prosper and shine.

Love Mel

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