European Beauty and Fitness Tips

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European woman have always been obsessed with looking beautiful.  Women in Europe take beauty very seriously and you don’t have to travel far away to find out about their skincare secrets. You’d also be surprised that many European women rely on age-old, natural beauty boosters that are easily available.


French beauties treat their skin as delicately as a porcelain vase, especially around the eyes. Their secret to removing eye makeup while hydrating and keeping the eye area smooth? Sweet almond oil. That’s right, these gals use a dab of sweet almond oil on a pure-cotton ball to remove makeup around this delicate area.


Polish women apply honey to their faces as an intensive moisturizer. Just a thin layer does the trick. This sweet, golden goo’s firming and moisture-retaining properties make it popular with the older ladies as well, while also helping to protect the skin from the damage of UV rays. Smooth it on, then rinse away after a few minutes for softer skin!


Hungarian women reach for the carrot to relieve unsightly blemishes and to cleanse oily skin. They dab carrot oil lightly on the offending areas. Women in general have been using carrot oil to treat skin diseases since the sixteenth century. It’s rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, which nourish new cells.


As these European beauties are very much concerned about their skin care, they also advise of going for a good facial once in a while. A typical European facial has a cleansing routine, peel-off mask, toning and languid face and neck massage. They totally indulge themselves in these 1.5 hours of beauty treatment

Aromatherapy is also one of the major beauty secrets of European women. They believe that it is restful, alluring and very detoxifying which helps in resulting into a supple, hydrated and beautiful skin. It also brightens the complexion.

Europeans moderately consume Probiotic-drinks. It is no doubt the good bacteria for you, which are surely good for your gut, but rarely people know that it have been embraced by Europeans since a very long time back.

Spending little time daily in a steam room or going for a sauna bath is part of European’s routine. It helps in keeping them away from all the dirt, pollution and impurities which tend to cause cold and flu.

Tea is Europe’s favorite beverage. It has health benefits and Europeans sometimes drink it in place of water. Researchers believe a cup of fresh herbal tea is better than a glass of water. Water helps in hydration, so does the tea. But few people know that tea has flavonoids which help in protecting you against certain cancers and heart disease.

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