DO’s and DON’ts of “SUMSKI”

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Meet U.S. born and raised Summer Black, a.k.a. “SUMSKI” Bali’s fitness avatar for a killer-smashing group fitness experience nearly all fitness levels can get off on!
Some facts you might not know about Summer are as follows: It’s evident the universe has been on a mission priming Summer for what she does 6 days a week at Motion Fitness Bali. Having grown up in the original old school underground dance scene, with a Les Mills Body Pump instructor background, and having had her own dance music radio music show in Bondi-Sydney, plus a Mom who was one of the first aerobics/step-class instructors – comes her signature ‘Techno Triple Threat’ class concept.

Triple Threat is an ‘deep shape electronic sonic journey’ that targets 3 decided zones of the body using a mashup of: weights, squats, lunges, pushups, elastic, kettle bells, your body’s own weight to train, and rhythmic easy to follow dance inspired moves. (20min-Low impact cardio/20min-Upper OR Lower Body/20min-Abs and Core).

Today our lovely Summer wants to share her absolute Do’s and Don’ts with us:



  • While snacking combine protein and fiber, which is not only tasty, but also nutritious. Try a combination of such as apple slices with peanut butter. A good choice are the Energy bars or Goji Balls @Motion Fitness.
  • Take a cold shower in the morning.
  • Failure comes as passion dies, stay passionate.
  • Listen to your heart, it’s smarter than the mind.
  • I do love breakfast. After filling up on water to flush my liver a bit, in the morning I typically go for a chia seed pudding or an Acai Mango Bowl with a cappuccino and no sugar added. My favs you can find at Avocado Cafe in Canggu.



  • Don’t eat before going to bed, drink a glass of water.
  • When you fall out of your training plan, don’t beat yourself up, but return and continue as soon as possible with a smile. Fitness is a lifelong journey. There will always be setbacks and progress made. The biggest key is to stay positive.
  • Don’t do the same exercise every time. Combine different workouts, include outdoor activities. Mix up our group classes like Triple Threat, Fit Flow or Brazil Boom.
  • Don’t eat sugar (even fruits), dairy or yeast containing foods after 3pm. It’s a secret to sustained weight loss and keeps the heart healthy and the skin younger and fresh looking.

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