Why should I detox?

The main target of a detox is to get rid of toxins, accumulated in your body,

for example from too much alcohol consumption, cigarettes, fatty foods, food additives or certain medication.

The main benefit of a detox is that it gives your digestion system a break from working so hard to process large meals with heavy protein, fats and carbs. Due to the intake of easy digestible and repetitive food, your body can work rapidly on detoxification and work more efficient afterwards. This means during a detox you cleanse your digestion system, which will lead to a better absorption of nutrients afterwards.


Can everybody do a detox?

In general all of the detox versions we offer are suitable for every healthy person.

If you have certain health issues please let us know in advanced, by filling in the questionnaire you will receive with your booking confirmation.


Which detox is the best for me?

To choose the right detox for you, we need to get to know your eating habits and also get important information about your health. Therefore we ask you to fill in a questionnaire that you will get together with your order confirmation by email. Then, according to your desired duration, daily business and physiology we will recommend a detox for you.


Which detox we recommend for people who has never done one before?

If you want to have a light start we would recommend to begin with our Veggie&Fruit Detox or our Soup Detox.


Do I loose weight trough a detox?

The weight loss depends on your body type but by experience we can say that you loose primarily excess body water to flush out the toxins. A detox works not for a long- term weight loss but it is a great way to transition from an unhealthy diet into a better diet.


How long should I detox?

We recommend doing a detox not longer than 6 days, as well as doing a detox preparing day and post-detox day before you switch to a normal diet again.

You will receive further information about this after you made your online booking.


What should I be aware of during the detox?

Because of the limited calorie intake as well as some upcoming detoxification symptoms you will most likely suffer from a light headache, dizziness or bad mood. But don’t worry, this will usually stabilize after the second or third day. We always recommend to take some time for you and pamper yourself with a massage or a long bath and also to distract yourself with some light yoga, reading a good book or even do some light sport activities. As long as you feel good with it its OK.


However don’t be scared to try it out – you will feel joyful, light, and radiant afterwards!