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The Vegan Skinny Diet starts today 🙂

Many meat- and dairy-eaters can’t fathom how a vegan manages to fit in the recommended amount of protein into her daily diet.

This full day of nutritious vegan meals is proof that plant-powered high-protein food is possible.

These meal plan boast over 60 grams of protein total, which is more than enough for the average of woman’s diet and perfect for men.

This diet is giving all the nutrition we need and in same time cleansing our body.

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t skip it!

You need to fill up your body after sleeping with the best nutrition:

Chia Seed Pudding with Berry mousse and Pumpkin seeds…

First breakfast of the Vegan Skinny Protein Diet, a very good breakfast idea as it includes both protein, low-carbs (in the chia seeds), fat (in the coconut milk) and natural sugar from the berries for the little extra boost!!

Adding seeds on top of your meals, as the pumpkin seeds for today, will provide you a high amount of minerals like magnesium & zinc, they are also an amazing source of good fat for your body, heart, brain…

Ready for the workout and the squat challenge now (200 squats for the first day of the challenge!)

Later, lunch at Avocado Cafe, that is going to be a lentil soup with balsamic and fresh coriander! PIctures coming soon!

Mel took the measurements and weight before starting the diet in order to follow the evolution.

Will keep you updated with the measurements next week!

Ok it’s time to go squat…! Next post very soon …

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