Countries with the secret of long life

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People are living longer than ever and it doesn’t seem to stop. According to the World Economic Forum, the average life expectation in 2010 was 69 and by 2030 expected to be 73. But there are some countries that seem to do better than others. Who are they and what is their secret?

The country where people live the longest is Japan. And one of the reasons why they life longer than others is, according to the WHO, their diet. They eat a lot of fish, which contains omega 3 and fresh vegetables. The diet is one thing that all these longest-lived societies have in common. They all follow a very healthy diet and have limited or no consumption of refined sugar or processed foods.

Another key factor of Japans long living people is their lifestyle. They move a lot also in their older age and because of the country’s rural landscape; they spend a lot of time outside.

A lot of European countries are found on the list of the countries with the longest life expectancy. Countries like Italy, Spain or Greece have – like the Japanese – a very healthy diet: the Mediterranean diet. This diet contains a small amount of wine, fresh vegetables, olive oil and not too much meat or saturated fat. Again the activities outside seem to have an enormous impact on their live expectation and as well their way of social relationships – especially their families.

Even though researchers couldn’t find one key factor that all countries have in common it seems that a good diet, active lifestyle in the older years, and lots of support seem to help you become old and wise.

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