Coffe vs. tea: Stimulants from nature

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The consumption of stimulants like coffee and tea is a habit for many people! Although many people wonder if the consumption of these has benefits or not … of course we can find benefits in them, as long as we choose the right one and in its right measure!

Let’s put emphasis on the most common stimulants: Grain coffee, black tea, green tea, matcha and cocoa beans!

Coffee is the most consumed drink today, the main effect it has on health is the stimulation of the central nervous system that increases mental and bodily functions, facilitates memorization because it improves concentration. To have a beneficial effect on your health the coffee must be good quality (grain and freshly ground) and be consumed in moderation.

Black tea is also a drink, that is consumed a lot and has less stimulating capacity than coffee. It is characterized by its potent antioxidant action and protective of diseases such as some types of cancer (protective action in different stages of cancer evolution). Protective effects against cardiovascular diseases have also been seen in their action on LDL (bad cholesterol) and action on cholesterol metabolism.

Green tea is a preferred beverage for Asian countries. The green tea is very rich in catechins (potent antioxidant), these catechins have been found to have the characteristic of protecting against the oxidation of fats and neutralizing the content of free radicals (carcinogenic substances).

Green matcha tea is from Japan, where it’s used in ceremonies and as a flavor. Lately, it stood out for its great antioxidant capacity (more than the green leaf tea), also attributed antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory and helps to lower blood sugar.

Cocoa beans characterized by their potent energizing action and antioxidant power deliver flavonoids (which help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease), help lower cholesterol, act as anti-inflammatory, protect against thrombus and platelet aggregation.

Add to your day a healthy stimulating dose!

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