Coconut water is the water from a young green coconut. It has become a very popular drink because of its natural sweetness and concentrations of electrolytes and vitamins.

But what are electrolytes and why are they good for restoring hydration?

Electrolytes are essential minerals found in your blood, sweat, and urine. They are required in many processes including maintaining proper fluid balance and keeping you hydrated. Different minerals in coconut water include potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. These electrolytes can be very helpful after a training session or on a hot sweaty day because they will help your body to replenish the fluid balance.

So, next time you’re feeling a little dehydrated maybe you should try some fresh coconut water. Motion offers a highly convenient way to stay hydrated – coconut water in the bottles – buy it online.

Article by Cecilie Duus

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