Next Level

  • limited amount of participants (min. 4 - 6 people max.)
  • more intense and personalised correction/coaching than in regular group classes
  • fixed 2-week program, given start date & end date
  • pre-registration required 
Think of the NEXT LEVEL class series as a mini-university fitness crash course. Motion trainers Summer & Iris are teaming up to pump you up with cutting-edge fitness & health info’s, killer workouts, personalized guidance, and your very own 3-month training plan to blaze into your Next Level personal best. WHAT'S IN IT?
  1. A mandatory small group cap ensures individual attention, guidance & optimal success
  2. Gain invaluable fitness tips & tricks on proper hydration, nutrition & lifestyle
  3. Fitness testing to explore your strengths and weaknesses
  4. Using a digital body fat caliper & taking measurements we crack the code on your body’s current condition regarding fat, muscle mass and more
  5. Before & after pictures + body measurements (cm, kg, fat%)
  6. World-class 3month fitness plan backed by the latest exercise science
  • Duration: fixed 2-week program (= 10 classes).
  • Fixed start and end date of the program
  • Price: 2,500,000 IDR / person
  • Pre-registration: required (email to:
  • Trainers: Summer & Iris