Fit Flow / Fit Ball

This class is a combination of Mel's signature classes Fit Flow (30 min.) and Fit Ball (30 min.). Fit Flow: This unique class is especially designed to get the “flow – experience”, meaning that your whole mind and body will be focused on the task at hand, generating a feeling of energized focus and enjoyment in the process of this workout. There are different Fit Flow classes using different tools such as steps/box or barre. Besides of developing long and lean muscles as result of this intense workout, you will have a lot of fun getting into the “flow” and your whole body and mind will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Fit Ball: This non-aerobic class uses a large air filled ball for strength, flexibility and coordinative challenging exercises. By balancing on a soft and movable surface during the exercises, the core muscles are strengthened by stabilizing your body. We do all kinds of exercises on the ball to tackle abs, back muscles, legs, arms, and just about everything!