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Are you ready to start your transformation with Motion Fitness?!

The Fit&Slim Lifestyle Program will transform your body and the way you see nutrition forever. This program is a lifestyle change, which will educate you on how to fuel your body to burn fat and build the body you’ve always wanted. We know and understand that everybody is unique This is why we only create […]

6 Days Fit&Slim Lifestyle Program – Interview with Ashleigh

“Sooner the better!”, this was the first message that we received from Ashleigh. Four days later she already was on her way from Melbourne to Motion Fitness Bali. In a interview beautiful client Ashleigh is talking about her experience and her journey to a better and healthier me with Motion Fitness Team: What were your […]

Visceral Fat vs. Subcutaneous Fat

Several factors contribute to hard & deep belly fat. Read about the reasons and how to get rid of hard belly fat:   Exercise – Lack of exercise and a poor diet both contribute to packing on visceral fat. Work out to 30 to 60 minutes daily. You need to do a combination of weights […]

Renee Cowling – bikini competitor in the Australian IFBB Federation

In August 2015 I travelled solo to Bali for a total of 8 days. As a bikini/fitness competitor in the Australian IFBB Federation, a part of my daily ritual is to eat healthy and train hard. I got in contact with Clementine at Avocado Café/Motion Fitness a good 4 weeks prior to my trip and […]

Nutrition Planning with Motion Fitness Bali

Testimonial of Florence   3 weeks nutrition planning with Motion Fitness Bali: Tummy Attack Menu + Well-balanced Fit & Slim Menu + Slim Booster personalized Menu Very positive outcomes after one week tummy attack challenge – one week post tummy attack well balanced menu and now one week personalized Slim Booster menu. I am very […]