Easy Chia Pudding Recipe from Motion Kitchen

Chia pudding is great, filling snack packed with healthy fats, fibre and protein. Did you know that chia seeds can absorb 27 times their weight in liquid? Chia seeds form a gel around the surface when they come in contact with liquid. Always let chia seeds fully expand before eating them – nobody wants chia […]

Bali fitness breakfast

Supercharge your mornings

A nutrient-dense healthy breakfast gives you sustained fuel to start your day with great energy and avoiding blood sugar spikes and crashes that make you tired, grabbing that 5th cup of coffee.  Include some lean protein to your breakfast to jump start your metabolism. Protein rich meal also helps to keep you full for a […]

The Truth About Toothpaste

The simple truth is, you don’t need toothpaste at all. You use toothpaste because it tastes good, to get rid of that nasty taste in your mouth. From a marketing perspective, all of the other things that are in your toothpaste are in there to give it additional perceived value. But these are added chemical […]

What You Need To Know About Protein

Protein is an essential element of your body! Protein pushes your metabolism and keeps you saturated for a longer period of time compared to the same amount of carbs.   But how much Protein do you need? For people with a normal activity level it is recommended to get 0,8 g/kg/body weight per day. For […]

Avocado’s New Power Food Snack

Here is our newest creation, the yummiest and at the same time very healthy Blueberry Ball. Did you know that blueberries are rich in anthocyanins and vitamin C? They have anti- inflammatory and cell protecting effects which can help our muscles to recover faster! These round, blue-ish purple berries are real health boosters. Blueberries are the foods with the […]

DIY Anti Aging Face Mask

If you don’t want to end up spending loads of money in a drug store to find the right anti-aging products or you want to avoid injecting gross chemicals into your face, we’ve put together the ‘ONE INGREDIENT face mask’ list that can achieve great anti-wrinkle results by just opening your fridge! BANANA The natural […]