KEEP CALM AND GO FOR A NIGHT OUT “Hey tonight lets go out for dinner” Here again, friends, family, kids… We all enjoy a night out to the restaurant. But how to not feel guilty every time you received the Super Famous “Dinner out tonight ? ” SMS …   Easy, We have the Solution […]


SNACK ATTACK I’m Huuuuuuuuungry!!! Lunch is over, dinner is not yet…. What’s wrong with me, I am always hungry!! Ok anyway if you are the same: Don’t Worry ( And be Happy Because… I have the solution! This is actually not a big deal to be hungry between the meals. It’s just a question of […]

Why joining Group Classes?

Motion Fitness Bali offers both group class and personal training. The best way to make your workout efficient is always to combine both. Make sure your body is not getting used to only one kind of training…   This is why we have so many different classes, from cardio workout to stretching class… Choose the […]

Let’s get Drunk…!

Tropical Vegan Salad of the Vegan Skinny Protein Diet, with organic tempeh, mixed veggies, fresh basil and orange poppy seed dressing Lunch Day 4, Vegan Skinny Protein Diet :  Vegetables Wok with Almonds Tofu and roasted Sesam The Vegan Skinny Protein Diet : Magic Soup with Edamame, Wakame and roasted mixed Seeds Tomorrow, Saturday, is […]

Benefits of Fish Oil

The Omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil prevents cell ageing and protects the caps of genes which usually deteriorate with age. Beside this it prevents cardiovascular diseases, improves the health of blood vessels and decreases the risk of whole body inflammation. To make it simple, it oils your arteries from inside. The bad trans fatty […]