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Farming: A Tale of Transformation and Environmental Consequences

In light of World Environment Day on June 5th, we wanted to take a journey through time and explore how farming, an essential practice that sustained civilizations, has gone through a remarkable transformation over the years.  From its humble beginnings to modern-day practices, agriculture has evolved and, unfortunately, left a profound impact on our planet. […]

Cleansing & Detox Supplements in Bali

5 Blood Sugar Tips

Meet Jessie Inchauspé, the French biochemist known as “The Glucose Goddess” on social media, with a staggering 1.7 million followers on Instagram. Her rise to fame coincides with the growing interest in daily blood sugar management, fueled by advancements in wearable technology like Continuous Glucose Monitors. These devices have made the benefits of blood sugar […]

Nutrition and Stress Part 2

Last week we started to discuss where stress and nutrition meet at a crossroads and how watching the nutrients you do or do not intake can play a part in your stress levels. Let’s take a closer look at part ll… Foods that stress you out: Highly-processed foods get a lot of bad press. So […]

Nutrition and Stress

We’re here to say it! Even though we live on this gorgeous and magical island of Bali, we still have a human experience. We still have things that upset, worry and stress us. We’re fortunate to have a plethora of therapeutic modalities when it comes to navigating the waves of life, but time and time […]

Motion’s New Babe on the Block; Buckwheat Bread & its Beautiful Benefits

At Motion Fitness Foods, we’re constantly engaged in what our consumers tell us about what they love to eat & why! Our wheels are always turning as we test out new recipes & methods in our kitchen so that we can bring to you the very best of what food has to offer. Because as […]

The Best Homemade Face Masks!

Introducing “5 Homemade Beauty Tips for Beautiful Skin”! If you’re looking for natural and effective ways to enhance the beauty of your skin, we’ve got you covered. We share five easy-to-make homemade beauty tips that will leave your skin looking radiant and rejuvenated. From nourishing masks to refreshing toners, these DIY remedies utilize simple ingredients […]