Carbs or No Carbs…?

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Tonight’s dinner is Chickpeas Curry with quinoa, fresh Coriander and Coconut Cream

I have to admit that I have never been a big fan of low carbs diets, as our bodies need carbs to work effectively…

There is a misconception in people’s mind, thinking carbs will make you fat. Well… They won’t make you fat if you consume them in a “smart way”.

At the contrary, eating “the good carbs” can help you not to gain weight…

All carbohydrates are not equal…

Some are “good”

(Fruits, veggies, whole cereals: those one are rich in fibers…)

Some are “bad”

(Doughnuts, cakes, refined white breads…)


This is actually proven that eating three servings of whole grains a day helped people reduce their total body fat and abdominal fat. And as this is my main problem (To My cutie belly: I “like you” but, Still… If you could go away I wouldn’t be sad ahah)


The most essential, to stay healthy, is to understand which one to consume and when.


Again, this is a question of choosing the right carbs during your diet and actually even for you everyday life J


So what about Quinoa??


This is one of the world’s most popular “superfood.”

Indeed it is loaded with protein, fiber and minerals, but doesn’t contain any gluten.


Quinoa is definitely a ‘good carbohydrates” that you should add in your diet… And this is why :


  • It is high in protein… which can both increase metabolism and reduce appetite significantly
  • The high amount of fiber should also help to increase feelings of fullness, making us eat fewer calories overall
  • The fact that quinoa has a low glycemic index is another important feature, choosing such foods has been linked to reduced calorie intake


So, NO… I really don’t feel guilty after my dinner!



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