Brain fitness: How to keep your brain clear and fast!

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Our brain needs to work out similarly to how we exercise our physical muscles. The central controlling of our brain and the integration of our nervous system is one of the most energy-intensive functions of our human body.

So treat it well and keep it strong and healthy with these simple tricks:

Learn something new

This sounds obvious as the more and we use our brain, the better it is going to perform for you. While we are learning something new we expose our brains to different ways of thinking. For example

  • learning a new language, challenges you to express yourself in a different way
  • learn how to dance, it has such beneficial effect on the brain that it is now being used to treat people with Parkinson’s disease (a progressive neurological movement disorder) read more here.
  • learning a new instrument, improving your skill to translating something you see


Maximize your workouts

We have all experienced it, that feeling during and after working our bodies. The euphoric feeling from the rush of the “happy hormones” like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine drives our body and brain to its best performance. Another benefit for our brains health through exercising is that the cardiovascular activity pumps more oxygen- rich blood to the brain which works as a fuel and lets us think faster and more efficient.


Eat right and incorporate fish once a week

According to a research at the Medical University in Chicago, people who eat fish once a week have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. So a weekly sea-food based meal may slow cognitive decline by 10% per year.


Keep in touch with friends and family, meet them in real life

Experts believe that socializing, like other forms of mental exercise (crossword puzzle, suduko) may build cognitive reserve. This means a reservoir of brain function you draw from if and when other areas of the brain begin to decline. When you interact, with people, it is likely that structures in the frontal lobe will get fired up. The frontal lobe is responsible for functions like planning, decision-making, and response control.

Furthermore regular socializing keeps your brain sharp by reducing cortisol.


There are many more ways to keep your brain healthy but the last tip we want to give you is keep your happy thoughts, positive emotions and a positive mind have a great impact on your brain and you’re all over health.



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