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10 Valentine’s Day Ideas That are fun for Couples AND Singles

As much as we love Valentine’s Day, most Valentine’s Day activities are only for couples- that’s why we came up with 10 fun ideas that are perfect for couples AND singles! Go to a Wine Tasting (with your friends or partner) Visit a Comedy Show or Live Music Event  Go to a Karaoke Night Volunteer at […]

Meet David Bissell!

Meet our good friend and Motion featured Trainer David! He is a Bali-based physio trainer (originally from London) that splits his time between online fitness coaching as well as in-person. He has been remaining fueled up with the help of our Motion Meal Plans and was eager to share about experience and routine!  We sat […]

Meet Sunny – our Weight-Loss Queen

What better way to stay motivated than by getting inspired by other people’s success? Learn all about Sunny’s weight-loss journey…  “Hey! I’m Sunny Vee, and I’m here to tell you about the first 8 weeks of my Weight Loss Challenge with Motion Fitness Foods. In the past years, I tried everything to lose weight with […]

Healthy-Delicious Finger Foods

At Motion, we’re here to equally serve up a wealth of health and flavor. In doing so, we uphold the integrity of our ingredients whilst paying close attention to the evolution of what the Motion community has a taste for! And babes, you’re all always leveling up, so we’ve got to stay in Motion as well! We have noticed […]

Y Retreats

It’s that time of year again when we declare our resolutions by announcing what we will and will not bring into the new year. We sit amongst our mates and each select a word to project into the year ahead with both drive and hope that it will abet in us being our best selves.  […]

Get New Years’ Eve Plans in Motion

Less screen time. More meditation. Track my macros. Don’t obsess over tracking my macros. More self-care? Duh.  Do your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions have your mind far too occupied to finalize your New Year’s Eve Plans? Babes, saaaaaaaame! We get it, but luckily, WE GOT YOU COVERED! Motion Retreats Catering & Events has thoughtfully designed […]