Benefits of Vegan + Gluten free Diets

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Even after adopting the vegan lifestyle which means eliminating all animal products from your diet, including milk, many people are still struggling with digestive issues, bad skin, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, joint pain, constipation, and mental fog.

If you have unsuccessfully “tried everything” to treat any of this health issues, you might want to try a gluten-elimination diet. The problem is, so many “vegan” foods derived from these grains. Bread, noodles, cakes, pasta, cereals, sauces are among them.

Here you can find a list with substitutions alongside the offending foods:

Gluten Substitute
Semolina or durum (wheat) pasta Rice, corn or quinoa pasta
Udon noodles Rice or (sometimes) soba noodles
Soy sauce Wheat-free tamari
Worcestershire sauce Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
Seitan (“wheat meat”) Tempeh or baked tofu
Bulgur (in tabouleh, salads and some chilis) Quinoa
Couscous Quinoa or millet
Barley Brown Rice
Oatmeal Grits
Flour tortillas (also the base for most “wraps”) Corn tortillas
Regular cornbread Use quinoa meal instead of flour
Flour for frying Rice flour or corn meal
Thickening for soups Arrowroot, potato starch, corn starch



What to expect after going gluten free + vegan:

Better digestion and faster metabolism

Complete clearing up of the skin within weeks of going gluten free

Gluten can be a reason behind heavy weight of depressions

The body will start absorbing vitamins and minerals and thus you will feel happier and hormones will become balanced


Give it a try and go for our Alkaline Meal Plan!

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