Benefits of the grapefruit essential oil

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Our homemade Toning Oil is a blend of essential oils which have been selected to fight cellulite naturally. One of the ingredients is grapefruit essential oil.

Grapefruit essential oil is present in its peel and is extracted by compression. This fragrant oil offers a wide range of benefits and is a popular use for aromatherapy. It is also used in a number of skin and body care treatments. Let us quickly check the grapefruit oil benefits:

Grapefruit oil is a powerful cellulite crusher. Toxins build up and fluid retention creates cellulite in fat cells. When toxins are not flushed out of the body, they accumulate in cells. Grapefruit oil flushes out the free radicals that create cellulite. 

Grapefruit oil also helps tone skin, shrinking pores and making skin look smoother.

Grape fruit essential oil is rich in Vitamin C and has a significant content of anti-oxidants which helps to neutralize the free radicals that damage the skin and speed up the signs of ageing. Anti-oxidants boost up the skin’s regenerative abilities and maintain a youthful look.

If you find your skin is looking dull and want to revive your skin. Massage our Toning Oil on the body parts in a kneading pattern every night. Give it a try


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